Safety Preparedness

Safety Preparedness
Posted on 10/05/2018
Andrews Elementary Students practice ALICE safety drill with local law enforcement.Huntington County Community School Corporation takes the safety and security of our students and staff very seriously.  We work closely with our local law enforcement personnel to proactively plan and execute the procedures that we hope never to use.  
One of our main training tools is ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate).  Andrews Elementary School recently completed an ALICE drill in which they had to evacuate the building due to an active shooter situation.  Students had previously read the book titled “I’m Not Scared…I’m Prepared!” which enhances the concepts taught by the ALICE Training institute.  This helps them develop a better understanding of what how to respond if they ever in a dangerous situation in a non-fearful way.  
“Our Andrews students and staff did an excellent job as they participated in the ALICE drill.  Today they had the opportunity to practice evacuating the building and going to their rally point.  In the event of a real emergency, our students would go to the rally point and then be bussed to their reunification location that will be communicated at the time of the event” explained Jami Craft, School Safety Specialist.  
Once the students were at their rally point, they were able to meet and interact with officers from the Huntington County Sheriff’s Department.  The students also debriefed with their classroom teachers and shared a Popsicle for a job well done.  
At HCCSC, we continually strive to keep our students involved in their safety.  We routinely perform Fire Drills, Tornado Drills, and practice for lockdown situations.  

Each year, during Fire Prevention Week, Fire Departments from throughout Huntington County visit schools to teach students about fire safety.  The firefighters reinforce practices such as “Stop, Drop, and Roll”, touching a door to ensure that it’s not hot before opening, and to stay low to avoid smoke.   
Firefighters don their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to demonstrate how they would look and sound in a real fire incident.  They explain the importance of their gear and how it keeps them safe.  Many times, children may become afraid and try to hide in an actual emergency; the firefighters try to help them see that they may look and sound strange, but they are here to help.  

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