Health Services

Gone are the days of just Band-Aids and ice packs. Clinic assistants have a very demanding job. Besides passing daily medications, clinic assistants monitor many students with chronic health conditions, including diabetes, seizure disorders, and heart conditions. Clinic assistants also help support students with disabilities who may need a higher level of care. Clinic assistants are trained in CPR, first aid, and also receive training in administering emergency medications, such as EpiPens, to students with life-threatening allergies. Clinic assistants track all immunizations and manage the state database to make sure we are compliant with state regulations. Clinic assistants work with families to make sure they have a primary care doctor or have access to timely medical care and appropriate health insurance. Clinic assistants promote healthy behaviors like brushing teeth and making healthy choices. Clinic assistants also manage school wide vision screens and plan mobile dentist visits throughout the district. Clinic assistants work closely with families to assure students have all health needs met from clean clothes to toothbrushes. The clinics are also a place for students working through depression or anxiety when they need a quiet place to regroup. The clinics are a safe space for our students because we have such a caring and compassionate group of individuals running our clinics.

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