Administrative Services

Please see below for a list of administrative staff by department along with a list of services they offer.

Business Department

Valerie Moore
Chief Financial Officer
260-356-8312 x 6107

I can contact about… 

Alex Eckert
Corporation Treasurer
260-356-8312 x 6104

I can contact Alex about…

Tyler Haskough
Deputy Treasurer & Grants Specialist
260-356-8312 x 6106

I can contact about…

Becky Monroe
Business Office Support
260-356-8312 x 6102

I can contact about…

Candice Priest
Payroll Specialist

260-356-8312 x6155

I can contact Alex about…

  • American Fidelity
  • Annuities (Aspire, Valic, 401a, 403b)
  • eSuite Access
  • Insurance Deductions
  • Payroll
  • Personnel Name, Address, and Telephone Number Changes (Please contact the school for student changes)
  • Public Employee Retirement Fund (PERF)
  • Teacher Retirement Fund (TERF)
  • United Way Donations
  • W2 Forms

Jessica Love 
Payroll Assistant
260-356-8312 x 6150

I can contact Jessica about…

  • Absence Statements
  • Region 8
  • eSuite Access
  • Safe Schools
  • Direct Deposit
  • W4 Employees Withholding Form
  • FSSA
  • Employee Verification

Human Resources

Reanna Jennings
Director of Human Resources
260-356-8312 x 6103

I can contact Reanna about…

  • Contracts
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employment Recommendations
  • FMLA
  • Insurance (Dental, Medical, Vision, LTD, and Life)
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Worker’s Comp

Tina Voght
Accounts Payable & Purchasing/HR Assistant
260-356-8312 x 6100

I can contact Tina about…

  • Accounts Payable
  • Conference Expense Reimbursement
  • Facility Use
  • Sales Tax Exempt

Instructional Services

Jay Peters
Director of Elementary Education
260-356-8312 x 6126

I can contact Jay about…

  • Elementary Curriculum
  • Grants
  • Elementary Student Teachers
  • Support for Elementary Building Administrators and Teachers

Chuck Brimbury
Director of Secondary Education
260-356-8312 x 6101

I can contact Chuck about…

  • Secondary Curriculum
  • Grants
  • Secondary Student Teachers
  • Support for Secondary Building Administrators and Teachers

Chrissie Linker
Administrative Assistant for Secondary Education
260-356-8312 6125

I can contact Chrissie about…

  • Focus on Grades 6-12
  • Collections
  • Curricular Material Fees
  • Employee Service Year Awards
  • Professional Growth (Formerly MyLearningPlan)
  • State Testing Materials
  • Student Teacher Placements
  • Textbooks

Tanya Lochmaier
Administrative Assistant for ary Education
260-356-8312 x 6127

I can contact Tanya about…

  • Focus on Grades Pre-K-5
  • Collections
  • Curricular Material Fees
  • Edward Jones Student of the Week
  • Employee Service Year Awards
  • Professional Growth (Formerly MyLearningPlan)
  • State Testing Materials
  • Student Teacher Placements
  • Textbooks
Sheryl Hippensteel
Assistant to Executive Secretary

260-356-8312 x 6001

I can contact Sheryl about…

  • Bulk Mailing
  • Limited Criminal History Checks
  • Records Retention
  • Student Records Requests
  • Substitute Teacher Applications, Coordination, and Licenses

Professional Development

Elizabeth Kitchen
High Ability Coordinator

260-356-8312 6125
260-356-7812 x 8211

I can contact about…

Marissa Tinkle
Professional Development Coordinator
260-356-8312 x 6130

I can contact Marissa about…

  • Elementary Professional Development
  • Elementary Teacher Resources

Lynn Brown
Assistant Principal
Professional Development Coordinator

260-356-6104 x 1103

I can contact Marissa about…

  • Elementary Professional Development
  • Elementary Teacher Resources

Office of the Superintendent

John Trout

I can contact John about…

  • All operations in the district


Cindy Gray
Executive Secretary
260-356-8312 x 6090

I can contact Cindy about…

  • Corporation Calendar
  • Emergency Communication Notifications
  • Notary
  • Policy
  • School Board Meeting Agendas

Special Programs


Special Services

Beth Husband
Director of Special Education
260-356-8312 x 6153

I can contact Beth about…

  • Disabilities Information
  • ESY
  • Homebound
  • Legal Issues and Questions Regarding Services
  • Special Services Referrals
  • Title I

Lyn Ocken
Assistant Director of Special Education
260-356-8312 x 6151

I can contact Lyn about…

  • Essential Skills
  • Evaluation for Students Who May Be Eligible for Services
  • Functional Behavior Plans and Positive Interventions
  • Indiana IEP
  • Interventions and Trainings for Students with Disabilities or on the Autism Spectrum
Kayla Schultz
Administrative Assistant for Special Education

260-356-8312 x 6154

I can contact Kayla about…

  • IEPs
  • Materials & Supplies for Special Education
  • Special Education Testing
  • State Reporting for Special Education
 Marketing & Communications  

Kenneth Butler
Director of Marketing & Communications

260-356-8312 x 6305

I can contact Kenny about…

  • Corporation Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Newsletters, & Website)
  • Media Inquiries
  • Press Releases
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