Ms. Macy Phillips

Ms. Macy Phillips
Posted on 11/27/2018
Ms. Macy Phillips, Essential Skills teacher at Horace Mann Elementary SchoolHCCSC would like you to meet Macy Phillips. She is one of the Essential Skills teachers at Horace Mann Elementary School. Ms. Phillips is in her second year of teaching in the Essential Skills program, and this is her third year teaching at HCCSC.  

“Ms. Phillips is very dedicated to her students and families while spending countless hours striving to improve her teaching skills and student learning experiences. You can often find Ms. Phillips at school late into the evening to conference with a parent, working on the weekend to prepare something special for her students, or collaborating with her colleagues to prepare a push-in experience for a student with their grade level peers. When I think of the Life Skills we teach daily to our students, Ms. Phillips exhibits many of these same qualities as she works in her classroom and throughout the building. I am beyond impressed with Ms. Phillips’ effort. She works very hard to create amazing experiences for her students. She meets her students where they are at, personalizes her lessons with great intentionality, and loves her children by showing patience and empathy. 

She perseveres through unpredictable challenges and shows wonderful flexibility to navigate through that change. Ms. Phillips’ creativity is very easily noticed as her classroom environment is very welcoming and exciting for students to engage in their activities. She has taken new steps this year for her students by providing them with multiple field trip opportunities. They have visited local parks, the orchard, and the Honeywell Center. Ms. Phillips’ day can easily change or have the unexpected occur. Despite what happens, Ms. Phillips exhibits a positive attitude and a smile. She has an amazing heart for her students and has built meaningful relationships with each of them. Her passion for teaching and love for her students is very inspiring and a great example for us at HCCSC,” described Principal Mark DuBois. 

Ms. Phillips embraces the Mission, Life Skills, and Core Values that define HCCSC. By creating a safe learning environment, promoting family engagement and student centeredness, Ms. Phillips continues to always provide the best education for her students. 

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