Community celebrates student’s fulfilled wish

Community celebrates student’s fulfilled wish with parade
Posted on 01/19/2021
Sadie's ParadeFor the Lentz family and daughter Sadie, Saturday’s Make-A-Wish celebration parade recognized more than just a fulfilled wish. For the Crestview Middle School student, Saturday marked another day of joy in her journey of battling Epilepsy.

Diagnosed at the age of 1, Sadie has struggled with seizures throughout her life, but brain surgery in late 2019 has made a world of difference with limiting the amount of seizures she experiences. During Sadie’s recovery, Sadie’s doctor registered Sadie for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Initially wanting a vacation to Disney World, those plans were quickly nixed upon the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, Sadie shifted her sights to something both she and her family could enjoy for years to come: A camper.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation made Sadie’s dream a reality last month, and the Lentz family has already enjoyed using Sadie’s brand new camper by embarking on a holiday trip to Illinois to visit extended family. The Lentz family intends to take advantage of the camper in the future for additional family trips, including Sadie’s original wish of a trip to Florida.

The Huntington community celebrated Sadie’s fulfilled wish on Saturday, as a parade of community members passed by the Lentz family’s home and Sadie’s new camper. Led by a police escort, the parade also featured firetrucks, numerous cars with friends and community members and Sadie’s school bus.

“Seeing our community and everyone come together means so much to all of us,” said Sadie’s mother, Sheila Lentz. “She is such a friendly girl, and we are honored that Make-A-Wish chose Sadie to give her dream come true, and beyond grateful of this celebration for Sadie!”

Sheila noted the camper has already given Sadie constant joy, even just by being able to play in the camper while being parked in the family’s front yard, and seeing Sadie experiencing that joy is priceless.

“As a parent, you try to do everything for your kids and make them smile when they’re sad and hold them while they cry,” Sheila said. “But with Sadie, there isn’t always a way to comfort her, or take away her pain, regardless (of) how hard her sisters, Daddy or I try. But this gift has blessed us already, and it makes her so happy. Even just seeing it brings her joy. … Seeing Sadie playing and just being a carefree kid is one of our brightest joys and camping gives that to her. We are humbled with gratitude and so unbelievably thankful. Our family has always loved camping, and now this is something we can all do, almost year round, together.”

Upon receiving the camper in December, Sadie could not believe it was truly hers and that she would be taking it home and keeping it to enjoy with her family.

Sheila hopes the camper can provide a lasting example of how special Sadie is and that the camper can continue to give Sadie joy even on hard days.

“I really don’t have any words besides thank you,” Sheila said regarding the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s gift. “Thank you for choosing my Sadie. Thank you for making her a very happy little girl. Thank you for giving her some light on some bad days. We are hoping that having this camper will bring just even the slightest amount of happiness and can bring sunshine to her on her dark days. Just this reminder of how special she truly is, and how Make-A-Wish believes that she deserved something so amazing, will truly change our life.”
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